Thank you, Hollywood

From time to time, I browse movie trailers on to get a general feel for cinematic culture, and, even though the sight isn’t always pretty, recently I feel there’s reason to be thankful.

 Why is that?

Movies are vehicles that have a fairly large and immediate impact on pop culture, thus their message (or lack thereof) is a way to nudge societies in one direction or another.

I’d venture a guess that the most conducive genre in that regard is science fiction. And I’m not talking about the glaring new Star Trek here, which is just an action movie, no, I’m referring to 2001: A Space Odyssey and such.

I guess it’d be easiest to classify those as gracefully exploring profound questions relevant to the progress of humanity. And I think I caught a glimpse of that from these upcoming or recent releases:

 Here be Dragons



 The resilience of life

Here’s my amazon link to Gravity if you’d like to support.

 Forms of intelligence other than our own


And so - I am thankful. And not just because they are good movies, but because they have the ability to induce a spark of curiosity and nudge our culture in a better direction.


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